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Welcome to UDO Daycare

Here at UDO Home Daycare, we strive to provide you, the Parents of wonderful sons and daughters, the confidence to feel assured that your precious ones are being taken care of while you are at work, school, or away.

Our goal is to provide a well rounded combination of fun indoor and outdoor activities, education and play, along with nutritional meals and snacks.  We strive to teach each child how to gain self confidence, and demonstrate respect for others – things that will stay with them for a lifetime.


Your Child is in Good Hands with UDO.

As the owner and main caretaker of this service, I will do my very best to take
care of your child and show them that they are very important and loved.

Your child’s time with UDO will be filled with fun activities that
will stimulate him or her in a variety of developmental areas:

Social Development

udo-daycare-socialWe try to maintain a good relationship between all children and promote sharing, caring and personal responsibility.

Intellectual Development

udo-daycare-intellectualOur premises are equipped with many stimulating toys, activities and books to help with the cognitive growth of your child.


Emotional Development

udo-daycare-emotionalWe take great care in respecting your child’s feelings and try at all costs to ensure their time is spent enjoyably.

Physical Development

udo-daycare-physical-developmentOur program has an emphasis on physical activity and we strive to spend at least some part of the day in a fun outdoor setting when they can feel free and be physically active.


I am looking forward to a terrific relationship with you and your child!

To find out about current openings or to contact Udo, please call:  647-200-9171