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Common Questions

What are the features and safety level of your daycare?

Our home is safe, child-proofed, clean and orderly.

We have over 1000 square feet on the main-level floor space, with a dedicated bathroom and toddler changeroom, a special eating area, carpeted playroom, massive activity room, sleeping area and art center.

The backyard is open, well lit, and completely fenced in.  We have (4) exits from the main level and emergency evacuation drills are practiced every few weeks or as new children come aboard.

Safety products such as plug protectors, door gates, door knob protectors and cabinet locks are in place to protect the children to ensure they do not have access to or wander into any dangerous areas.

All cleaning products and potentially hazardous items have been carefully placed out of the reach of all children or removed from the main care area completely.

A monthly inspection and checklist is filled out and put online so parents can be updated on the safety level of the daycare.

We promote cleanliness, handwashing, and have a strict “sick child policy”.

– Multiple smoke detectors are hardwired to an alarm company and 911/fire/police/ambulance.
– Fire extinguishers are strategically placed.
– A First Aid Kit and Emergency numbers are always handy.
– Open outlets are covered protected against accidental electrical shock.
– No small toy parts or items that might be swallowed are accessible.
– Gated doorways are set up to prevent wandering children.
– Doorknobs, handles, and certain toys are sanitized daily to minimize any adverse risks.
– No medications, harmful chemicals or substances are accessible.
– No pets in the home.
– Our home is smoke free.

What specific activities will my child be doing during their stay?
A Sample Daily Routine is provided to better inform you of the types of activities your child will be exposed to, and hopefully enjoy to the fullest.  We feel the level of daily diversity is consistent with a healthy and educational environment.  We encourage parents to offer ideas, or provide us with activity suggestions that complement their home routines.  We do what we can to incorporate these into our curriculum.

What type of foods and beverages will be given to my child?
We offer mainly healthy options for your children, with small exceptions during snack time or special occasions such as holidays or birthdays.  Our Sample Menu clearly outlines the types of meals and snacks that are offered.  If your child has any special or specific nutritional needs, please advise these before accepting our agreement.  We can make certain special considerations, but we would like all children to partake from the menu that is circulated to the parents on a weekly basis.  If there are any items that you do not want your child eating, these need to be specified up front as it is difficult to cater specific meals to specific children on a consistent  basis.

What is the location of your daycare?
We are located at a very convenient location for any family that travels past the QEW/427/Gardiner intersection.  Only a 2 minute drive to and from these highways makes this a great place to drop off and pick up your children.  If you work or go to school downtown and pass through these crossroads, you owe it to yourself to check out our home and decide for yourself that this is a special service with a fantastic location.  See our Maps for more information and detailed directions.

What are your hours of operation?
Udo Daycare operates within the hours of 8:00am – 6:00pm
Special arrangements may be made in advance to accommodate other schedules.

What are the ages of children that you accept?
We accept boys and girls between the ages of 12 months and 4 years of age.  Infants require special care and this may take away from the overall experience of the other children.

What are the various costs  for your services?
$8/hr. payable at the end of each week, or monthly, as agreed.

What is included with the cost of daycare?
– All nutritious meals and beverages
– Art supplies (paper, paint, crayons, pencils, glue, etc…)
– Monthly additions to toys, games, books.
– Seasonal daycare enhancements (outdoor toys, holiday/festive decorations etc…)
Diapers and other special requirements must be provided by parents.

What experience does your caretaker have?
Udo has over 5 years experience with daily childcare.  Her experience started in the Dominican Republic and she developed a great reputation in the community for responsive and friendly child care.  Over those three years, she effectively managed between 3 and 7 children during regular working hours. She has been doing full-time childcare in Canada since 2013.

What methods does the caretaker use to interact with the children and parents?
Udo has the experience to understand that each child is different and as such she ensures that each child gets individual support and that they are treated with respect, flexibility and patience.

Udo tries her best to comfort, hug and hold the children if they fall, or lightly hurt themselves.  The program is designed to enhance the growth and development of your child.

Udo’s style is to provide attention and enthusiasm during her interactions with each child over the course of the day – a warm, positive environment is the canvas for a joyful day.

Activities are geared towards fostering skills that challenge thinking, stimulate creativity and promote social skills to compliment all the children.

Any issues parents may have can be raised with Udo at anytime, and she’d be happy to resolve any concerns any parent may have in a timely manner.

What discipline methods or tactics are used?
Udo likes to discuss this with the parents before the child starts daycare.  In her experience, It is important to keep some level of continuity with the parents’ tactics as to not undermine anything working at home. We fully expect all children to behave well  to a certain degree, but some kids are more difficult than others, especially at certain times of day.  That is just the nature of children.

What is the child to caretaker ratio?
By law, the maximum number of children that can be accommodated in a single caretaker home is five.  Hence the ratio of children to caretaker is five to one.  We do not plan on surpassing this number at any point, unless a secondary caretaker is called upon.  Parents will be advised in advance of any changes to this ratio, should more caretakers come on board in the future.

Does the daycare have insurance?
As per Ontario law, a home daycare does not require special insurance.

What happens if the weather is too bad to drop off my child?
If you are unable to drop off your child due to weather, we require a timely phone before your drop off time.  Should you decide to skip a day but forget to phone, we will consider this a billable day and you will be charged according to our arrangement.

What is the policy for sick children?
We do not accept any child that presents with a cough, runny nose or other visibly troubling affliction.  It is up to the parents to properly assess the health of their child before dropping them off.  Our policy is one of protection against any potential harm to the other kids.  We do not want any child to affect the health and well being of the other children or the caretaker.  We ask that you read and follow the guidelines of our “sick child policy”.  Should you drop your child off with any obvious problems, you will be required to pick him or her up and make alternate arrangements.  Likewise, should any member of the caretaker household present with a communicable medical affliction, the parents will be advised and asked to decide whether or not to drop their children off.

What policy do you have on who can pick up my child?
We ask that all parents to fill out our “Alternate Arrival and Release Agreement” and identify any and all persons responsible for dropping off and picking up the children.  Should you have an emergency, for any reason, we ask that you make alternate arrangements with us before sending any persons other than those listed.  This is a strict policy and no exceptions will be made without the expressed written consent of the parent(s) or guardian(s) with respect to picking up the children.

Please email or call us with any questions or concerns regarding the above information.  We will do our best to provide timely and detailed answers to your inquiries.

We look forward to spending fun-filled days with your children.